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Stamp Out Homophobia in Religion – Be The Person You Were Born To Be

After hearing an interview yesterday on LBC Radio with the truly inspirational Matt Ogston, I simply had to share this. If you’re as moved by his story as I was, please help in whatever way you’re able, either by making a donation, or aiding me in spreading the word. That, even now in the 21st century, LGBT+ people are being driven to suicide because of their sexuality, is a travesty, and it has to stop.

Matt’s Story

Matt Ogston’s world collapsed on 30th July 2014. He and his partner and soul mate Naz had been together for thirteen years, and were planning to get married. With his family being Muslim, Naz had thus far kept both his sexuality and his relationship with Matt secret from them for fear of their reaction. Naz, however, hated the idea of a wedding without his family present.

So, on 28th July, he invited his mum down to London from Birmingham, where he confessed to her that he was gay and was engaged to a man. His mum refused to accept what he was telling her. She even went so far as to insist he see a psychiatrist to “cure” him of his homosexuality.

What Naz must have suffered after his mum’s rejection—the hurt, the confusion, the uncertainty over what the future might hold—can only be imagined. All we know is that, two days after coming out to his mum, Naz threw himself to his death from the balcony of his London flat, depriving those who knew him of a wonderful friend, his patients of a caring doctor, and his fiancé of the love of his life.

The Naz and Matt Foundation

In memory of Naz, Matt established The Naz and Matt Foundation to empower and support LGBTQI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex) individuals, as well as their friends and family to help resolve challenges linked to sexuality or gender identity, particularly where religion is heavily influencing the situation.

By tackling the problem head-on, raising awareness, providing mentoring and counselling, the Naz and Matt Foundation hopes to open the eyes of closed minds in communities and families so that they love the children they gave birth to for the individuals they were born to be.

If you need someone to talk to, in confidence, please contact the Naz and Matt Foundation for a friendly chat.

If you would like to make a positive difference and help stamp out homophobia caused by religious and cultural beliefs, please make a donation.

Money raised will help fund a range of special projects and initiatives with the aim of changing attitudes and increasing acceptance of gay, lesbian and trans young people born into religious families.

The foundation also offers support, mentoring and counselling to LGBTQI individuals where a religion is preventing them from being the person they were born to be.

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