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Riptide Publishing Announces the Launch of its New LGBTQ Young Adult Imprint

Riptide Publishing, an industry-leading LGBTQ fiction press, is proud to announce the launch of its queer Young Adult imprint, Triton Books. Submissions for Triton Books are now open, and the first titles will be releasing in print and ebook in late 2015.

Why LGBTQ young adult fiction? Riptide Publisher Rachel Haimowitz says, “Diversity in young adult literature allows teens to see themselves represented, reinforcing that their own lives and experiences matter. Diverse books help readers understand and appreciate cultures and experiences different than their own.”

Haimowitz adds, “The *WeNeedDiverseBooks* movement has highlighted both the lack and the necessity of such titles in children’s literature. For over three years, Riptide has been bringing narrative mirrors to LGBTQ adults across all genres of fiction; it’s past time to serve the LGBTQ youth population with a wide variety of quality stories as well.”

Riptide Publishing passionately believes that all young adults, no matter their gender expression or sexual orientation, should be able to find characters like themselves in the media they consume, starring in their own stories and finding happy endings.

Like the mythic Greek god Triton, who uses his conch shell to calm or raise the seas with a call so loud it puts giants to flight, Riptide Publishing and Triton Books plan to turn the tide–to give voice to those too often voiceless, to make YA literature for everyone.

Triton Books is now accepting submissions for LGBTQ Young Adult titles between 15,000 and 80,000 words. If you’re interested in submitting or would like to find out more information, visit

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