Caught Inside (A Boys on the Brink Novel)

“From the exquisite writing, where the metaphors were so beautifully entwined in the fast prose that you had to look twice to realise they were there, to the quick pace combined with great character development, to the realistic and important plot, this was the best book I’ve read all year.” — Christina Philippou

“The chemistry between Luke and Theo is sizzling! The kisses they share as well as the touches and looks that Jamie writes about are written so well that I swear I could feel them myself. It felt just like real life when I was reading these young peoples story. Strike me very impressed!” — Rainbow Gold Reviews

“Beautifully written and engaging coming of age tale. The setting was wonderful and the writing really shone in evoking a real feel of the Cornish coast and the sea. I could really imagine being with Luke on his board out on the waves, and I love that sort of sensory imagery.” — Suki Fleet

“This is extraordinarily well-written. The pacing is good, the plot is captivating, and the romance is sweet and gentle. For a tender coming-of-age story, capable literary writing, and characters who feel emotionally real, this gets 10/10 fountain pens.” — A.M. Leibowitz

“The way Jamie deals with the aspects of sexuality, and where people are located on the spectrum is award-worthy. Young men will be eternally grateful to have Luke as a role model on their journey out of their own closets.” — Hans M. Hirschi

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“I loved this book. I’m going to have to give it 4 out of 4 stars. I think that this is a great book for teenagers and even adults to read. It has all of the romance they could want without being explicit, and it takes the reader on a fantastic emotional ride. Definitely one of my new favorites.” — Online Book Club

“I was lucky enough to read this book pre-release, and ate it up avidly. A gorgeous Cornwall seaside setting, and a group of characters harboring secrets both shameful and romantic—what more could I want? I fell in love instantly, and adored the emotional ride all the way through to the triumphant end.” — Molly Ringle

“As a writer, I am always searching for the perfect words, hoping I can replace the ones I use over and over with much better choices. All too often, I feel I search in vain for those magical words. But Jamie Deacon, in Caught Inside, does it effortlessly.” — Russell J. Sanders

“Great Read!. It is the perfect example of the struggles that some may face when they come to the realization that they can no longer deny who they are. It is also the perfect example of how some people may be caught in the cross fire and end up hurt. I think that Jamie Deacon did an amazing job with this book.” — Inked Rainbow Reviews

“Coming out stories always make me nervous. Not because I think the writing will be bad but I worry about the characters. This has a lot of emotions and proof that secrets hurt but happily ever afters can happen for everyone. It’s a good story with some complex characters. Enjoyable.” — Diverse Reader

Caught Inside was beautiful. From the writing style to the editing to the complex, flesh-and-blood characters, Jamie Deacon penned something unique and moving and wonderful to read. My interest was caught from the jump and I can honestly say that I enjoyed every page. I did find myself having to step away when the feels got to be too much, but I was always glad to pick this one back up again.” — Ronelle Antoinette

Caught Inside was a very enjoyable mature young adult/early new adult story that left me wanting to know more about where the characters went from the end of the book on. It’s a story about discovering one’s sexuality and dealing with that while at the same time navigating a tricky family situation and also coming out.“ — Making it Happen

“This is a very clever coming-of-age story with characters who are lovable. Jamie Deacon has written a wonderful story with very real characters who pull us into the story in the first few pages.” — Reviews by Amos Lassen

“In wave scoring, Caught Inside by Jamie Deacon would be a perfect ten. But I’ll give it five gripping stars. The descriptive language is flowing and addictive. The characterizations are genuine and layered. The dialogue is realistic and dynamic. I thoroughly enjoyed Caught Inside and I look forward to Jamie Deacon’s next book.“ — Mia Kerick

“Deacon does a good job describing first love and its attendant discoveries, joys and frustrations and jealousies. I thought surfing, the sea, was a perfect metaphor for the rush and confusion of Luke’s unexpected feelings for Theo. A wonderful addition to the YA gay canon.” — Larry Benjamin

Defensive Play (A Boys on the Brink Novella)

“5 out of 5 stars. I’d recommend Defensive Play to readers who enjoy a sweet, feel good romance with likeable characters who need to find the courage to be true to themselves in order to get their happy ending.” – Drops of Ink

“I loved these two young men, they were so sweet, both individually and together as a couple. A Really enjoyable story, with just a little bit of angst added in for good measure, that I’d definitely recommend!” – Bayou Book Junkie

“This is a hallmark of Jamie Deacon’s work. The characters never come across as an adult trying too hard to sound “teenagerish,” nor like a projection of what an adult imagines teenagers must sound like and act like. They simply feel real and well-defined, even in a work as short as this one.” – A.M. Leibowitz

“This was a lovely read. This author has a gift for making the reader – or at least me – grow attached to the characters in such a small amount of pages. If you’re in need of a pick me up, of a quick, endearing story that is as sweet as it is realistic – you needn’t look any further.” – Alex Oliveira

“I loved so many things about this book. This is the kind of book that would be perfect for a school library, and I sincerely hope that some copies find their way there because it would be a hugely
important find for a young person who is taking the same journey as Davey or Adam.” – Love Bytes Reviews

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“Seeing Davey and Adam’s budding friendship grow was sort of like watching a tentative dance between two pups at the dog park. The slow approach, a bit of circling, some sniffing, a bit of playfulness, then they get over themselves and pounce with joy and exuberance. It was all just too sweet for words.” — My Fiction Nook

“This was super cute!! Very fun, sweet and emotional novella. Highly recommendable for a quick m/m story about first love.” – Brooke Banks

“This is a quick read but one that packs a lot of punch and love. It tackles a lot and it does it well. I loved watching Davey become confident in himself. I think his story is one many people (boys and girls) can relate to.” – SERIESous Book Reviews

“When I read the blurb for Defensive Play I sent out my little grabby hands. Such a great quick and cute read. Loved very much. Great pacing and character development.” – Reese’s Reviews

“A thoroughly enjoyable story, and I look forward to reading more by this author. Definitely recommended by me.” – Archaeolibrarian – I Dig Good Books

Defensive play is the first gay romance I’ve read that dealt with the insecurities of not being accepted. Davey never felt like he fitted in and Adam is a good influence on him. This is a sweet, short story with likeable characters.” – Chapters Through Life